Down From Competitive PUBG Esports For Now; To Focus on Streaming

SouL Mortal who is the leader of one of the most popular PUBG Mobile clan Soul announced in his community post on YouTube that he would not be participating in any of the upcoming competitive PUBG Mobile tournament and will go for regular streaming.

The PMSC 2019 tournament which is going to take place in Taipei will be his last tournament.

SouL Mortal is one of the biggest influencers of PUBG Mobile in the world and he has huge fan base with over 2.5 Million subscribers on YouTube and over 700k followers on Instagram. He and his tem, Team SouL, also won the PUBG Mobile Club Open India Regional Finals 2019. Recently, he also represented India in PMCO Global Finals 2019.

In his community post, MortaL mentioned that it is very stressful for him to manage time for streaming and practicing for tournament. He was not able to give time to his fans and family, which he wants to do more.

So, he has decided to continue as an influencer and help the potential players rise in the field of gaming, just like 8bit Thug. Although Team Soul will play in the tournaments, but there will be a replacement for Mortal. Here is the screenshot of his announcement:-

After reading this, the fans were not happy about it. Everyone wants to see him in Team Soul as Mortal is the soul of the Team Soul. There were many comments by his fans requesting him to reverse his decision. After this response by his admirer, Mortal posted on Instagram that the possibilities are endless.

So maybe it was just a break. May be his fans will see him again in the competitive modes soon.