Mistique Mobile Game Controller, 4-in-1 Gamepad with Cooling Fan, Power Bank, Shoot and Aim Mobile Trigger Joystick

  1. ERGONOMIC DESIGN: comfortable to hold and easy to control.
  2. 4 IN 1 INTEGRATION: Contains phone gamepad, cooling fan, emergency power bank and pubg trigger.
  3. Allows for more screen visibility and also makes the play area larger.
  4. Frosted surface, prevent sudden slipping, avoid sweat on screen, and give you an excellent touch. And its also prevent scrathes on phone screen.
  5. Suitable for: 6.5 inches or below mobile phone

Mistique Gamming Joystick Trigger
Mistique brings the wonderful shooting game auxiliary tool for Hardcore Gammers. Mistique Gamming Joystick features high sensitivity trigger that helps you make quick response and win the game easily. Being small and lightweight makes it portability easier, so that you can play game wherever you want.

1. Start your game, and press the”Settings”-“Control”-“Customize”.
2. Move the “FIRE” button to the top of left corner.
3. Move the “AIM” button to the top of right corner.
4. Adjust the shoot and aim buttons.
5. “Save” your settings.

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